Thursday, 28th September 2018 - The Employees Trust Fund (TAP) in collaboration with the Attorney General's Chambers has prosecuted against Zahrah Employment Agency for failing to pay employee's contribution to TAP according to Section 26 under Employee Trust Act (Chapter 167) and Section 29 of Supplemental Contributory Pension Trust Order, 2009. The mention of the case was held on Thursday, 17 Muharram 1440 corresponding to 27 September 2018 which took place at the Magistrate Court, Bandar Seri Begawan.

The case was conducted by Deputy Public Prosecutor from Attorney General's Chambers, Awang Qhairul Azim bin Nayan and appeared with TAP's Prosecuting Officer, Haji Muhd Nur Aiman bin Hj Aminuddin.

The company represented by its owner pleaded guilty to the charges for failing to pay its employee's TAP contribution. The court then sentenced the owner of the company to pay a fine of $1,600.00 within 2 weeks and in default of payment of the said fine, 6 weeks imprisonment.

Under Section 26 of the Employee Trust Act (Chapter 167) and Section 29 of Supplemental Contributory Pension Trust Order, 2009, those employers found guilty in breach of the law are liable to a fine not exceeding $3,000.00 for the first offence, and a fine not exceeding $10,000.00 for the second and subsequent offences.

TAP strongly advise employers to abide by the law and make their TAP and SCP contributions on time before 15th of the preceding month to avoid late charges. This is to safeguard its members' welfare and ensure that employers abide to the Law.

Meanwhile, in the event that employees are not registered or their monthly contributions are not paid to TAP; employees are advised to lodge a complaint by contacting TAP's Call Centre at 2382800 during office hours, via email at or by visiting any of TAP counters bringing along related documents.