Local employees who are:

Citizens and permanent residents of Brunei Darussalam aged below 55 years (for TAP scheme) and 60 years (for SCP scheme) including; Directors receiving salary, permanent employees, part-time employees, contract employees, temporary employees and employees on probation.


All employers are required to register their new employees with TAP.

If the employee is already registered with TAP, any changes in information, the employer is required to inform TAP of the changes via email and filling in a form. Employees can also inform TAP of any changes in their personal information. (refer to 'Resources')


Wages means any income that is received by employee in respect of the employment. This includes basic salary, backdated increment, commission or allowance such as acting allowance or apprenticeship allowance.


The prescribed contribution rate at the moment is 8.5% (wages of employee) and (8.5%) from the employer.

Note: 5% for TAP and 3.5% for SCP.

The TAP contribution must be rounded up to the next dollar and SCP contribution has to be rounded up to two decimal points.

For SCP, Employer's minimum contribution must be $17.50 for employee's salary less than $500.00. Employer and Employee's maximum mandatory contribution is $98.00 each (based on salary $2,800.00). For salary more than $2800.00, the mandatory contribution is capped to $98.00 and any excess will be regarded as voluntary contribution.


Every employee or employer may, on top of the contribution opt to contribute more than the rate prescribed on voluntary basis. This is called excess contribution payment.



The savings will be invested and dividends will be declared. The dividend rate declared is not fixed and it will depend on the prevailing market conditions.    


The latest information of your savings can be obtained online via e-Amanah at www.tap.com.bn or by visiting any of TAP counters and e-kiosk.


Members may withdraw their savings in accordance to Employee Trust Act Chapter 167 Section 17, TAP Rules Section 24 and Supplemental Contributory Pension Trust Order. Please refer to 'Withdrawal Schemes' tab for more information.